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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 28, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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shoulder. >> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thank you for joining us. >> the giepts have won it all. >> the torture is officially over them giants swept the tigers tonight. >> when you have something like this happen to you, there's no words to describe what you feel. >> this is unbelievable. a dream come true. it can't get better than this. >> the orange and black are world series champions for the second time in three years. and the fans, they went wild filling the streets of san francisco. right now at 11:00, we have complete coverage of game four with live reports from the motor city to the city by the bay. and you are looking at live pictures from our nbc bay area helicopter over san francisco.
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the celebrations are far from over. what you can see here is, this is actually outside of at&t park at third and king streets in san francisco. as you can see, there are several small fires in the street. we have seen one or two cars tipped over, as well. few people getting out of control. for the most part, these celebrations are relatively peaceful tonight but as you can see there are a few small fires in the streets of san francisco right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. the giants are now world series champions. they pulled off an unbelievable sweep tonight. you could hear the roar after the giants made their final out right there. the fans are celebrating and so are the players from detroit to the bay area. thousands of people did spill in to the streets, as we mentioned, cheering on their hometown heros. so of the celebrations are getting out of control. it is starting to get late. people have been up celebrating the giants for a couple of hours now. this is the helicopter at at&t park at third and king streets.
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we have live team coverage of what is going on throughout the bay area. we want to start in detroit with lawrence scott. what do you have for us? >> diane, this was a tremendous, tremendous night for this baseball team for the city of san francisco the entire bay area. why? the team is something special. back to 2010 they were the band of misfits. this team would not be eliminated. they go to cincinnati and get out of the nlcs and the cardinals all of those elimination game and sweep the tigers, two straight wins here in detroit. the pitching was amazing. let's get you inside the celebration in the locker room after the game. it was awesome. [ inaudible ] >> everyone wants to look for a
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story book ends for your career this is a beautiful story book opening and middle. >> we'd love to do this more down the years. i'm extremely happy to be able to do it in this giants uniform. >> watching your team bring this home has to mean everything to you. >> it does. like i said the cliche it is a dream come true but this really is. when you sit back and think of, something you think about your whole life coming to be a real thing, it's an amazing feeling. the perseverance to be here and make this happen for the team and everybody involved in this organization, what does this stand for here in detroit, this sweep? >> it is, you know, it's just beyond -- it's beyond anything i could have imagined. it's just a blessing to able to experience this as a contributor. >> how great is it? >> it is unbelievable, man. this is a dream come true. being able to win the world
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series. went through a lot of obstacle. it doesn't get any better tan this. >>. >> these are moments we will never forget. the giants celebrating with family and friends. and ahope that nempb the bay area got to experience this with the families. it is what the whole thing is about and when we come back, i want to show you a tremendous scene in the clubhouse after the game. barry zito deserved of a lot of acclaim. and tim linthicum in relief. vogelsong a tremendous effort in game three and matt cain bringing it home. giants sweeping the tigers world series champions for the second time in three years. it's tremendous. back to you in the studio. see you in a bit. >> it is tremendous. as we are watching laumpbs there, we did see bruce bow shi holding up the world series trophy, which is fun to see as well. >> now back to san francisco and these live pictures here at&t
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park of some fires. joining us now by phone is carlos with the san francisco police department. are you there? >> yes, i am. >> thank you for joining us. can you fill us in on what the police department is doing at this point? for the most part i want to point out there are so many people on the streets and for the most part it is relatively safe but we have some problems. >> we have minor hot spots throughout the city but it is something we anticipated and we have con tin jetingencies set i. and we have officers. the key thing is we want to make sure everyone is safe and that our first responders are safe and the public. so, you know, when dealing with large crowds like this we want them to enjoy themselves and celebrate and have their moment in the city but we want to make sure no one is injured in the process. >> absolutely. >> that is the most important
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thing. >> you let us know how many police officers you have? what the plan is for the evening. >> our team what a no discretionary time off. we have quite a few officers that have been working throughout the world series. we are ewing all of the resources available and we are working with the department of works, as well and our fire department and other allied agencies that assist us. >> one more question for you, carlos. you know, we talked about the parade two year ago and the parade coming up. obviously you have to prepare for that, pe police department has to prepare for that. it was incredible to have that many team out there and if i remember correctly there wasn't a single arrest that day and we are hoping for the same thing and you have a game planned especially having gone through it so recently. >> absolutely. for the most part, it will be the same game plan. it was very successful. we have a very good crowd.
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our giants fans are good fan and well-behaved fan for the most part. we want them to enjoy themselves and have a fun time when they come to our city. most importantly we want to make sure they are safe. i can't reiterate that enough and can only send a message to the public if they notice any crimes out there, if they can notify us to address the issue before it becomes a bigger problem. >> absolutely. carlos joining us from the san francisco police department. thank you very much for your insight. we will check in with the police department over the next couple of days in getting ready for the parade on halloween. right now we want to head to civic center plaza in san francisco where stephanie is. there's a decent crowd out there. about 10,000 earlier watching the win. what is going on now? >> a lot more quiet than the last time that we spoke. there used to be some, at one point police in riot gear waiting. but they have since left. other reports of vandalism in
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the city. we have crowds that are excited. [ cheering [. >> they said they couldn't see the giants win in person and the next best thing is to come here to be with other people that would appreciate the win as much as they would. for the thousands of giants fans there was no other place to watch the roller coaster of game four as others who love them as much as they do here in civic center plaza. including the little ones. who's your favorite? >> buster posey. >> yeah, buster posey. >> reporter: why? >> he hits and catch. >> mayor lee sported a new red blazer it means a visit from detroit's mayor. >> whoever wins the loser mayor has to come to the winning city for community service. for us he will have to work for the giants for a day. >> it means more than pride for
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their number one team. >> when the giants win it is a good distraction for us. my mom passed away for a week ago an we are in the middle of preparing her services and stuff. >> my brother and i have been giants fans for life. my dad passed away in 2009. he was a die-hard giants fan. he came from the philippines in the '60s. watching the giants win, my brother and i, keep the experience up. >> a special moment for those. they say they are considering staying up as long as it takes to welcome the giants. they are looking forward to the parade on wednesday. the crowd is so excited. i have a feeling it will be a long but good night. back to you. >> all right. stephanie, thank you very much. you got the crowd riled up there again. the giants have many heros in the world series but you have to give it to the panda.
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he made the biggest mark. pablo sandoval was named the world series mvp. he had the huge game one tying the series record by hitting three home runs the 26-year-old third baseman had a hit in every game of the world series and get set a postseason record by checking 24 hits throughout the three series wins. in 2010 you may remember edgar renteria was the world series mvp but tonight a big congratulations to the panda. a world series win calls for a parade, right? this is video of the parade when the giants came home from the texas winning the 2010 world series and what a day it you. considering the colors are orange and black it is fitting to have this year's parade on halloween. you have to do that. san francisco mayor announced the parade will begin on halloween at 11:00. the route will lead up market street and end at city hall and for all of us who were there, two years ago we are hoping for
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a repeat. it was a beautiful experience. all right. our coverage of the orange and black's victory in detroit is far from over. we want to remind you, we will be live in detroit starting 4:30 in the morning as the players head home. stay with us for complete coverage there. still ahead, it is already flying off the shelves. how you can get your hands on world series gear. we will show you it all as well. we are following another serious story tonight. hurricane sandy, some 50 million people are preparing for the worst as the massive storm barrels down on the east coast. help is already on the way from the bay area and there are all kinds of cancellation at sfo. meteorologist rob may yea tess is tracking the story. what do you have. >> we are looking at a mass eu storm, 800 miles wide. category one hurricane that will be making landfall tomorrow night. we are watching that situation closely and changes in our own weather that may tosds toss some
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rain our way on the championship day parade. >> we should be checking the forecast before that. stay with us for continuing coverage of the 2012 world series champions, the san francisco giants. more to come, including you might be surprised what the mvp of the world series is doing the day after his historic three home runs. we have pictures of that and more coming up in the san francisco giants win. here's a live picture from the helicopter over third and king streets in san francisco near att park. we'll be right back.
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the giant ander that fans are flying high and san francisco is seeing orange. isn't it pretty. buildings across the city are glowing tonight and the fans are cheering youch don't need to live in san francisco to be a giants fan. the race is on to buy the world series gear. arturo santiago is in sports authority in san diego with a look at the new gear coming out. >> reporter: in case you haven't seen it, here's a fresh look at some of the world series championship gear for the san
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francisco giants. this sports authority got a shipment of world series championship gear a half hour before the team actually won the title. the merchandise went on sale immediately after the final out. there was an enthusiastic line outside of the store earlier this evening. they were the giants fans who couldn't wait to get their hands on something that says world series champions on it. that includes, for now, a few different styles of t-shirts, they had pennants and flags that said world series champs but those sold out fairly quickly. all sports authority stores stayed open to accommodate fans who had to have that championship gear tonight. >> why couldn't couldn't this wait until later. >> i want to wear it to work tomorrow. i'm purchasing items for my husband and son who aren't able to be here this evening. >> i went to a halloween party dressed like this because i refused to go in costume.
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i didn't want to jinx it. >> i'm getting a shirt for myself and the small one for my kids so they can be properly dressed when they go to school. >> is that why this could not wait another minute. >> could not wait another minute. had to be out and ready to go and look appropriate for tomorrow. >> now, there's no need to worry about anything being sold out. the store say that's will continue to keep a stock of world series championship merchandise as long as there is a demand. right after the game there was a rush on stuff out here. a huge line outside. the last of the customers had just left a few minutes ago. and the sports authorities in the bay area will reopen tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. you can grab gear if you couldn't make it out tonight. nbc bay area news. >> so, have you picked some up for the rest of us who weren't able to get there tonight? >> yeah, actually i picked out a couple of t-shirt and hats. i'm all set, diane. >> put it on the company credit card for the rest of us, would you? >> you got it.
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>> all right. thank you. here's another look at the celebration in the locker room in detroit. a little champagne flowing and there's bruce bochy and the players holding the world series trophy high above his head. an incredible moment. kimberly tere had some of the moment of the celebrating going on in san francisco. let's take a look. >> reporter: what a night for giants fans. >> came out on top. >> i feel like it is a dream. i can't believe we swept them, but we did and we rule. >> reporter: the bars and taverns an at&t park were at full capacity as fans watched all ten innings of game four of the world series. >> i have never been able to be a fan before in among them rich who has a new perspective. sli a different perspective now. i have a perspective of how much the team means to the city as fans. you hear it when you are on the
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field and in the dugout but you don't get a feeling for it until you are celebrating as a fan. >> he retired in 2009 and said the organization put themselves on top today doing frg they had to do to win. >> it was pretty much a clinic on how to play a game of baseball the last four games. >> you know what i say is on the menu tonight? >> tiger meat in that's right. >> from the wardrobe, to the ride, san francisco is a wash in orange and black. >> yes, it is and we will look again at a helicopter shot over san francisco. this is near at&t park at third and king streets. as you can see there is one bonfire the middle of the street. there have been some small minor issues according to the police department throughout the city in the mission district and there at at&t park but nothing too serious. obviously the police department is trying to get the fires out so we don't have problems.
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we have people jumping over the fire and that could get purt hurt if they made a mistake. most of the crowd at at&t park and the emission district and civic center plaza are calm, peaceful, just wanting to join and celebrate the giant's win of the world series. we will go back to detroit for are reaction from the players in just a minute, too. there's another person jumping over the fire. that could get is somebody seriously hurt. police are trying to monitor the situation. we talked to a police officer at the beginning of the newscast and they have police in force and are trying to keep track of the the crowds throughout the city. we will come back to the giant and the world series win in a moment but another story right now. we are following developing news tonight regarding hurricane sandy which is headed to the east coast. here's some live pictures of times square in new york city. new york schools are closed tomorrow and all of the public transportation in new york city, manhattan is shut down as well.
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look at how quiet those streets are. hurricane sandy which is expected to make landfall in new jersey tomorrow, is also on a collision course with two other major storm systems. that is why some forecasters are calling this is a super storm. as many as 50 million people from the carolinas to maine are in sandy's path and evacuations are underway in several states. hurricane sandy is having a major impact on air travel across the country and here in the bay area, as well. this is the line at the united airlines counter at sfo set up for people who had their flights cancelled. not fun. some people waited in line more than four hours, they told us. many say they never got notice their flights were cancelled and couldn't get through to the airline on the phone. that added up to a frustrating day for thousands of travelers. >> in boston, we were hearing about the hurricane on thursday night, friday morning. there's no reason why a million dollar, pullty million dollar corporation that runs planes couldn't anticipated this and
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akilometer datd passengers days ago. >> a local rescue team will take off to the east coast tomorrow to take the lead in rescue operations related to hurricane sandy. the 129th rescue wing will be sending c-130 aircrafts with two specialized air rescue team and helicopter as well. they will most likely focus their efforts in north carolina. >> once the hurricane begins to settle in to the east coast, we will send forces where need be. so the helicopters can go to one location, the guardian angel para rescue forces, the swift water rescue forces can go to another. >> reporter: we're told that rescue wing will oversee all other agencies at the rescue site. it is one three rescue outfits of its dmiend the country. right now we want to check in on the weather situation on the east coast, as well as here. this is serious business what is going on in the east coast. >> in the next 24 hours we will see the storm crossing the coast
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looks like the atlantic coast of new jersey. winds sustained at 75 miles an hour. for now we are talking about a category one hurricane a tropical system. as it moves inland it will change identifities and be a super charged nor easter that will race inland. the time line looks like, winds 80 miles an hour and staying strong in to tuesday morning, winds 70 miles an hour. rainfall totals in the hill top locations impressive. this is what you see, a lot of moisture and rain. some locations close to a foot of rain. what you don't see is heavy snow. this is where the storm will transform itself in to a powerful nor'easter, pouring in cold air from canada and dropping one to two feet of snow toward west virginia and parts of pennsylvania. here's the winds. the reason why new york city looks like a ghosttown, you have evacuations taking place and a storm surge there around long island and coastal new jersey that could get close to four to six feet. there you see the strongest wind
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gusts aiming in on atlantic city. airport delays and cancellations will linger in to tuesday before the wind speeds back down and the conditions improve on the east coast later in the week. for us, we will see some changes around the middle of the week. we have had a nice, warm weekend but the pattern is about to shift as a trough forms around wednesday. during the day on wednesday, what we will find is rain in the north bay. by night time we will see the rest of the rain pushing through the bay area. if they are the championship parade, we will call it party cloudy skies. more clouds an 1:00. and by the time the parade is wrapping up, perhaps reliving the moment where the giants beat the cardinals may see some showers late in the day. parade time the start looks dry. temperatures tonight 40s and 50s. tomorrow high temperatures coming down and the sea breeze starting to pick up. low 70s in san jose. and upper 70s in the trivalley. 67 san francisco and 76 for santa rosa. cooling temperatures.
11:24 pm
no rain monday in to tuesday. i think by wednesday evening we will see the rain spread over the bay area. not the best timing for halloween. though the system is showing a little bit of a tendency so slow down. we want to keep halloween dry. plan an umbrella for that. >> fingers crossed. thank you, rob. bring in dave feldman of comcast sportsnet. he has a little more on the giants tonight, dave? >> yeah, you are right. look, they are world series champs for the second time in three years they brought out their brooms and swept the tigers in their home park and now can come home and celebrate a parade. the best team in baseball. how they did it and what's next. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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our coverage of tonight's big victory in detroit continues. for a look at how the giants managed to pull it off let's go to detroit and there's jamie on the field at comerica park. hello, jamie. >> reporter: hello, diane. what an improbable and incredible ride for the giants after losing brian wilson to start the season. the melky cabrera elimination and facing elimination in. they manage to sweep the tigers in the world series. and whether it was a player hoisting the trophy for the first or second time in three years, that champagne never tasted sweeter. >> this is off the chart how these guys were not going to be denied and how they care for each other. 25 unselfish guys. amazing what you can do when you play as a team. i know that term is used loosely but they bought in to everything
11:29 pm
and i couldn't be prouder of them. these guys make it work. they make it work because they set aside their own agenda and do what is best for the club. they didn't care what role they were in. or any of my moods they come in and make it work. give them the credit. i couldn't be prouder 0 after group of guys that weren't going to be denied. our backs were against the wall. we weren't supposed to win and they found a way. >> if anyone would have told me in june or late june that we were going to be in the world series, or world champs i would have laughed in their face. but you know, god had a plan for me. this is it. >> oh, that's cold. oh! but, you know, i'm just glad -- we have a lot of faith in our catchers. i'm glad they swung at my pitches and what an amazing job everybody did. i think romo got the three
11:30 pm
hardest outs in the game and did it in a one, two, three order. unbelievable. >> we bought in to something you don't see happen often. we bought in to playing for each other, we bought in to loving playing for each otheren, and, you know, it's very unique. i never really been a part of any other group that would buy in as much as we did. that everyone was pulling the same direction. >> to get two in three years it's unbelievable. it's something i think this time around i appreciate it even more. because i understand the difficulty of doing it. >> all right. that was jamie from comerica park. we talk about a pitching rotation that is probably all coming back. one of the best in baseball, probably the best in baseball. why couldn't they repeat again? before we look ahead look back and show you how they got there
11:31 pm
and how they became world series champs for the second time in three years. one win from the world series trophy as the night began. pick it up in the top of the second, brandon hits it off the right field wall. hunter pence scores. a triple for belt. his first hit this series. main agent on the hill for san francisco. bottom three, one on, miguel cabrera, opposite field two-run home run. he didn't put it where posey wanted it and as a result it was 2-1 tigers their first lead of the series. top of the sixth, one on for buster posey. quiet a little bit in the world series, right? but quiet no more. a two-run home run to left field. 3-2 san francisco back on top. bottom of the sixth, two outs for young. he was the mvp of the alcs for the tigers. a solo home run to right.
11:32 pm
game tied at three. so cain's night done. pitched very well. struck out five. we go to extra innings. no outs. single to right center. and here's the little rally for the giants. three batters later, two outs. marco anyone hotter than this guy? a single to center. ryan scores 4-3. giants back on top. bottom of the tenth, two outs, and a 2-2 count and sergio romo is facing miguel cabrera one of the best hitters in baseball and good-bye, game over. giants win 4-3. they are world series champs for the second time in three years. forget about trailing in the division series. forget about trailing in the chchs series. this team never quit, ever. pablo sandoval, named mvp after his three-homer performance in game one. inside champagne everywhere.
11:33 pm
this was a team pronounced dead in august and now the best team in the world again. and san francisco will host a ticker tape parade on wednesday at 11:00. the parade will begin at the foot of market street and continue down market street to civic center plaza. diane, that's a look at sports. let's go back to you. >> all right. dave. we both grew up on the peninsula, giants fans. this is the first time you have had a chance to cover it locally as well. were you going crazy? excited about getting out there to the parade? how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling. >> reporter: lucky to be back in the bay area at a i'm when the giants are champs and everyone is excited about the 49ers. it's an awesome time. yeah there were people high fiving and doing body slams in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. it is very exciting to be back. about the parade, though, i don't know if i want to get out there with all of those people. i may have to watch it inside. >> it is a little crazy.
11:34 pm
i had an opportunity opportunity to be on the nbc flet and that was a beautiful way to take it in. the giant was going to the giants but i got to snag a little myself. >> do you have room for me on your float. >> we will see if we can work something out. >> okay. if you have room for my on the float i will be on with you. >> good to know. have a good one. >> we will be back after the break with more on the victorious orange and black. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪
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♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant world chapss for the second time in three years.
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hello, florence. >> hey there, diane. you know why we love this? it is because of the great stories. one of the greatest stories through the whole world series was the pitching that think giants got from their starters. starts in game one with barry zito and carries on with madison baumgartner and vogelsong and cain tonight. you think back to zito leaving the mound after game five of the nlcs propelling the giants back to san francisco and getting the game one start and being so impressive. i want to show you a scene. after things calm down a bit in the clubhouse tonight. you have got larry behr, the president and ceo of the giants to express his gratitude to zito for hanging in there and being a man of great principles to not hang his head and say look i
11:38 pm
want to be this team's pitcher that can take you to game one of the world series and he did this and here's -- we talked to him about it after he had a moment that barry zito expressed great gratitude and larry expresentationed his gratitude. >> as a president of the team a moment like that has to mean everything. >> barry is -- i can't tell you anybody in sports i have more respect for than him as a person. barry zito had a chance to blame people, to give up, to go after the press, whatever. and all he did is say i have to get better. that means a lot. he is a quality person. everything in the world to help other people and so you want good things to happen to good people. >> your manager and general manager know how to push the right buttons and make the right moves. what made this happen the second time in three years? >> i think what made the
11:39 pm
difference was they were on it and the team was on it and that we just knew that there was -- that we had the talent, we had the pitch, we had the -- the recipe was there, similar recipe to 2010, different ingredients but similar recipe which is strong pitching, very opportunistic and great pitching and one of the best stories of it was the defense they played. >> really why we love this. and this team so much is because it was a team ta wouldn't die and there are so many great stories. in 2010 they were the band of misfits. this is the team that wouldn't be eliminated and they sweep the tigers in the world series and bring home a championship. back to the bay area in san francisco and we will see you in detroit with more reports. let's send it back to you in the bay area from comerica park. it's rain bug beautiful here tonight because the giants are world champs. >> that's wonderful.
11:40 pm
thank you, lawrence scott reporting for us from detroit. right now we want to take you outside to san francisco. this is our helicopter. it is moved over to the mission district. this is 22nd and mission. there is another bond bonfire this the street similar to what we are seeing over at near at&t park. you can also see from this picture that it is a much wider shot of the pictures. there are many, thousands of people in the streets. and a few bonfires. this is bigger than others we have seen. police are trying to stop this. this is video video from earlier. police are trying to get them under control. because obviously if any of them get out of control we could have a serious problem if san francisco. police say, in general, there are small isolated incidents like this one but for the most part everything is peaceful. there are thousands if not tens of thousands on the streets of san francisco today from city hall to at&t park to the mission district. and so far, besides a few bonfires for the most part
11:41 pm
everything is relatively peaceful. people just want to be outside enjoying themselves and celebrating the giants win together. okay. we are going to take a break. we will have more giants coverage and more news coming up in just a moment. but for now, we will take a break and watch more of the giants victory tonight, the world series champions.
11:42 pm
giant hatds many heros but the panda made the biggest mark.
11:43 pm
pablo sandoval was named the world series mvp. he tied the series record by hitting three home runs. the 26-year-old had a hit in every game of the world series and set a giants post-season record by collecting 24 hits throughout the world series wins. in 2010 edgar renteria was the world series mvp. what does he do in his spare time? here's a picture of him after he hit the home runs and hours before game two how cute is this. he made time for students a this san francisco schoolhouse. an elementary school with 12 students right now. the school says it strives to give families in the richmond district progress i have affordable education. some of the youngsters we're told didn't know who he was when he showed up but he got them smiling and needless to say the parents were thrilled. check this out.
11:44 pm
the bay area's own brandon crawford. the giants tweetd out this photo as a 5-year-old at candle stick park. how cute is that. and now a as a world series champ shown with his wife on the right n. the tweet, he says to all of you little giants fans out there never give up your dream because look right. there it came true. all right. when we come back, the latest on hurricane sandy. we are following that developing story. and here's a live look at times square in new york city. all of the public transportation is shut down in new york. all schools are shut down in new york and look at this. times square at this hour is crowded all the time, all night. it is absolutely deserted. a few cars going across. no one on the roads. no one on the sidewalks. we will have more on hurricane sandy coming up.
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11:47 pm
here's live pictures of times square in new york city. i have never seen it that quiet. all new york schools are closed tomorrow and public transportation is shut down as well and just about all of the flights in and out of the east coast are cancelled. hurricane sandy, which is expected to make landfall in new jersey tomorrow is on a collision course with two other major storm systems. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda on what some are calling a perfect storm. >> it has similarities to that storm. i was a perfect tropical system
11:48 pm
ta merged with the low pressure and the two combined for a volatile mix. this scenario has a category one hurricane. by this time tomorrow night it will be crossing over atlantic city in new jersey south of long island. winds of 80 miles an hour. a tropical system bringing a lot of wind and rain and eventually turning to a strong nor'easter with heavy snow on one side and damaging gusts from cape cod all the way down 0 virginia. major weather event for the east coast and something we haven't seen in many decades. we will have to watch that closely tomorrow. for us a cooldown to start the week. by midweek a chance of seeing rain drops. let's talk about the change we will see. the next weather maker for us is wednesday. it means during the day on wednesday, the north bay will see the rain come down. then by looks like trick or treat time, by sundown we will see the showers spreading south through the bay area. for the championship parade, given it starts aet eleven in
11:49 pm
the morning we will call for partly cloudy skies to start. as we go through the afternoon, more clouds filling in. perhaps after 3:00 we could see a little rain in the day. for right now it looks like an evening rain event for san francisco. tomorrow morning misty skies and fog. you will find that waiting for your morning commute. midday clearing inland. foggy day on the coast. a sign of stronger sea breezes dropping down the temperatures. tomorrow only the trivalley is staying warm. we will cool off in the inner bay and cool off more in to wednesday. here's the rain midday pushing south ward and thursday a few leftover rain showers early and clear out as we head to next weekend. for now the parade is looking good. we are trying to push the rain away from trick or treat time. >> that would be nice. but thank goodin' the parade looks okay. coming up, someone is $13 million richer after buying a lottery ticket for a grocery store in the bay area.
11:50 pm
a lucky grocery store in the bay area that is. we will show you where coming up next.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
a grocery store in san francisco sold a big winning jackpot ticket this weekend. it was bought at best food at the corner of stockton street and broadway in chinatown. it is worth, get this, is $13 million. the owner will collect $60 thourk of the winning is proud one of its customers is the winner. >> $65,000, something like that. not bad. >> not bad at all but i'm still happy my customer got a winner. that's the most, made me happy, more than i got a commission. >> the numbers drawn last night just in case were 38, 36, 14, 5, and 47. the mega number 18.
11:53 pm
the winner has 180 days to claim the prize. check your tickets. hurricane sandy and those other two major winter storms on the east coast are what some are creating a super storm and that is having an impact on the white house. the monster storm is in october surprise of sorts. the leaks of which the nation has not seen before in the closing days of a presidential race. peter alexander has more on that. >> reporter: when the campaigns remaining days president obama is forced to juggle dual responsibilities. ensuring sandy's readiness and fighting for his re-election. >> make shurg we have the best response to a big messy system. >> we will have to take a look. >> with several swing states in the path the storm is having an impact on some early voting. the key to success for both campaigns. maryland's governor suspending early voting in the state
11:54 pm
tomorrow and both campaigns today announcing they have halted fund-raising e-mails. in rural ohio mitt romney joining his running mate after cansling stops in virginia. >> i know right now some people in the country are a little nervous about a storm about to hit the coast and our thoughts and prayers are with the people who will find themselves in harm's way. >> both campaigns are touting a stream of newspaper endorsements, including the des moines register that is supporting mr. romney. the first time the iowa paper has backed a republican in 40 years. >> again, that was peter alexander reporting. all right. we are back after the break with some of the best moments from game four in detroit because we can't get enough. before that, we will leave you with this. take a look at this picture. this is san francisco with the to upper glowing orange. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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thank you for watching nbc bay area news. we will leave you with the key moments in tonight's game. the big sweep in detroit. we will try to get our voices back by next week from all of the yelling around here and a big congratulations to the giants world champions. have a good week. we will see you at the parade on wednesday. >> this is down the line and left. put the giants on top. the 2-2 pitch. giants -- down to the final three outs. pumped up after scoring. he finally has -- got a difficult tigers lineup. >> the giants swept them.
11:58 pm
>> what a postseason. >> the mvp trophy on the field. [ cheering ] [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves.
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